Five Skincare Habits to Break in 2017

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In the weeks following New Year’s Day, many of us resolve to do things better in the coming year. We decide to get to bed earlier, to eat better, to drink less, and to exercise more. Unfortunately, when putting these healthy goals in place, there’s one part of the body we often neglect: our skin. With no skincare plan in place, we’re at the mercy of the weather, hormonal changes, and the aging process, allowing those and other factors to dictate how we look on any given day. However, resolving to break up with our bad skincare habits can make a huge difference in the quality of our skin, how often we break out, and how rapidly the signs of aging show on our face. If you’re eager to make 2017 the best year your skin has ever seen, make sure to stick to these resolutions:


Hands off your face: It’s understandable for New York City residents to spend a lot of time touching their faces, whether they’re wiping off a stray piece of subway grit or trying to using their hands as a makeshift pillow while trying to catch a few Zs in the Uber on the way to work. However, the oil and bacteria on your hands can prompt makeup meltdowns, make dry skin look worse, and may even cause breakouts. After just a few days of keeping your hands off your face, you can often see a major difference in how congested or irritated your skin looks.


Use a weekly mask: Most of us wouldn’t go to bed at night without removing our makeup, but so many of us forget that skincare can be more than perfunctory. Pampering your skin with a weekly mask, like the soothing botanical-infused Dorothy Mask, can help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, help prevent breakouts, and force you to carve out some much needed “me time.”


No pore tools: It’s so tempting to clear out congested pores with one of those electric pore vacuums or a wire loop tool, but doing so may make your skin worse in the long run. Use of these tools can cause broken capillaries, bruising, redness, and can even push bacteria deeper into your pores, making breakouts look worse, so make your New Year’s resolution to nix them from your routine.


Start anti-aging treatments now: Many people assume they don’t need anti-aging treatments, only to wake up one day and notice that a network of fine lines and wrinkles have suddenly found their way onto your face. No matter what your age, starting an anti-aging routine today, like the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Facial System available at Flawless Skin Solutions in Manhattan, can help slow the progress of fine lines and wrinkles and make them disappear. Whether you’re 20 or 60, adding this powerful anti-aging tool to your arsenal can turn back the clock today.


Give your skin a break: Between makeup, skincare, sweat, and environmental pollutants, it often feels like our skin is being constantly bombarded by things that make it angry and irritated. This year, resolve to give your skin a break whenever possible by ditching the makeup and heavy moisturizers and letting your clean, bare skin rest. Just letting your skin enjoy some time au naturel can make a major difference in how it behaves, looks, and feels.


We can’t all have a naturally perfect complexion, but we can all resolve to make our less-than-perfect skin glow in the new year. Stick to a few simple resolutions and make 2017 your best skin year yet!

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