Getting Your Oil Skin Under Control Without Stripping Moisture

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While the winter’s chill means dry, flaky skin for many of us, for others, keeping skin hydrated on those freezing days is no problem — in fact, our pores seem to overproduce oil every time a cold spell hits. For those of us with oily skin, keeping makeup on, preventing breakouts, and keeping our faces from looking like an oil slick can be an uphill battle, one that’s made even more difficult by adverse weather conditions. Instead of hoping for the best and keeping blotting paper on hand in case of the inevitable, take preventative action now and enjoy a less oily, less breakout-prone complexion all year.


Instead of stopping into every drugstore and Sephora in New York City in search of blotting sheets, it’s important to treat your shine issues at their source. While getting rid of excess oil by removing it, using non-comedogenic makeup, and drying to dry your skin with harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid may help you in the short-term, in the long run, you may be making your oiliness worse. Rather than slapping a bandage on the problem and calling it a day, it’s important to stop oil overproduction at the source with treatments that calm your skin while keeping it soft, supple, and breakout-free.


So how do you create healthy, moisturized skin while keeping oil at bay? By hydrating from the inside out. Using a fast-acting treatment, like the 15-minute Dorothy Mask, can help keep excess oil to a minimum while keeping just enough on your skin to retain its softness. The hyaluronic acid in the Dorothy Mask is a natural humectant, keeping the right balance of moisture in your skin, while other botanical ingredients, like olive, ginkgo biloba, and rose water rid your skin of excess oil while making it softer and line-free. For anyone who could use a spa break along with their skincare, a stop into Flawless Skin Solutions’ flagship location in Manhattan for an Oxygen Facial can have you glowing without getting greasy in no time. The oxygen facial cleans the surface of your skin and removes excess oil from your pores using 98 percent pure hyperbaric oxygen, healing and hydrating your skin in the process. Your makeup will stay on better, your skin will look younger, and those days sporting a complexion so shiny you could use it as a mirror will be a thing of the past.


Don’t destroy your glow trying to keep excess oil at bay. Adding the right treatments to your routine today can mean a more beautiful complexion in the future.

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