Why Winter Weather Wreaks Havoc on Redness-Prone Skin

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As the weather gets colder, the days become shorter, and the winter is just weeks away, you’ll notice two things happening on the streets of Manhattan: elegant New Yorkers breaking out their best furs and fashionable outerwear, and a significant change in the tone of your skin the second you step outside. For many people, even those whose skin isn’t particularly breakout-prone on a day-to-day basis, the sudden change in temperature can bring out redness, ruddiness, and an unwelcome change in texture. Unfortunately, traditional moisturizers and makeup are often no match for this textural and tonal about-face.


The bad news: short of moving, there’s not a whole lot that can be done to make the weather friendlier to your skin. The good news: you can still make your skin more even-toned and healthier looking, even in the most adverse environmental conditions. While the usual cleansers, toners, and spot-specific treatments can make your skin even more inflamed and irritated-looking, soothing your skin and healing it from the inside out can keep it from becoming beet red the second you step out the door.


So why does our skin become the color of a tomato when the temperature drops? When we’re exposed to cold temperatures, our blood vessels constrict — and sometimes burst — leaving our skin red and uneven in tone. For those with skin problems exacerbated by this phenomenon, like rosacea or cold uriticaria (otherwise known as cold hives), these skin issues can become even more pronounced. The cure starts with the right, gentle skincare that can soothe and plump skin, masking redness and making your face feel less tight and irritated, even on those blustery days.


Start fighting back against the effects of inclement weather on your skin by treating yourself to a regular Oxygen Facial, available at the New York City flagship of Flawless Skin Solutions. Bathing your skin in 98% pure hyperbaric oxygen, this soothing treatment naturally moisturizes your skin, adding a layer of protection against the elements, while increasing your body’s natural collagen production, creating a buffer between your blood vessels and the surface of your skin. To reduce wintertime redness at home, try the Dorothy Mask; after just 15 minutes of this relaxing hyaluronic acid, olive, and rosewater-infused treatment, your skin will look less red and lose the uncomfortable tightness that comes along with cold weather.


Before you decide to hibernate for the season, fight against redness and discomfort and enjoy a beautiful complexion all winter long.



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